Understanding the game

Traverse the demolished streets of New York in a giant mech suit looking to catch a ride back on a helicopter. The goal is to get to the end in the quickest time possible. Use different obstacles to gain advantages and to decrease your time. Discover hidden paths of the map as you replay the level. Keep playing until you get the quickest possible time.

Process of Composition

For the UE Platformer I played the game multiple times to get a grasp of what sort of feel the game required. This was a time based challenge so creating urgency through the music was key to motivate the player to make split second decisions about which path to take. I also used different time signatures to keep the players' mind alert. I used the basic instruments found in a rock band to evoke the genre I wanted to convey; Drums, Bass, Guitar, and Synths.

UEP 3.jpg

The composition of the track allowed it to be repeated mulitple times. As the average run time was about 45 seconds, the track fitted in with the game. The track was implemented using Unreal Engines audio engine. I created an audio class for the loop and made sure the loop option was selected. After adjusting the volume a couple of times on the audio class, the music corrolated well with the sound design ensuring the mix was finalised.

Experience for yourself

Download this game.


Average playthrough length: 2 minutes

Support systems: PC - Windows 7 and above, Mac OSX 10.13.6 or above

Works with Headphones and Speakers

 Please be aware this is a prototype build, which may not work efficiently on all systems.