Understanding the game

A detailed first person shooter (FPS) with high quality graphics, simple mechanics, and different maps and locations. Practice against bots to test your skills. There will be various pickups such as ammo and health around the map, so make sure to use them wisely. See if you can find the special rocket pickup to give you and your team an advantage over your opponent.

Process of Composition

For UE FPS I wanted to compose music that took a back seat but still fit into the game. I made sure the player would be able to hear the most important sounds, like the footsteps of enemy players. There are 2 maps to play in the game. Their names correspond with the names of the tracks below. I wanted to keep the tracks relatively similar but also be contrasting as the map looked substantially different. I also used the sanctuary loop for the menu as it created the effect that I was looking for.


The tracks were implemented through Unreal Engines audio engine. Each of the tracks is set a to sound cue which is attached to each of the maps (Menu, Level 1, etc.). The tracks have fades between each one. This is achieved by a filter in the audio class system which is activated though a game call sent to the audio class when the map is changed. On gameplay, the tracks are set to loop infinitely.

Experience for yourself!

Download this game.


Average playthrough length: 5 minutes

Support systems: PC - Windows 7 and above, Mac OSX 10.13.6 or above

Works with Headphones and Speakers

 Please be aware this is a prototype build, which may not work efficiently on all systems.

UES 5.jpg