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Understanding the game

See how long you can last running away from the rabid dog in a high intensity run through the streets. Control a trashy cat in a endless runner game. Try to achieve the highest score possible. Unlock upgrades to your character to change appearance and in-game abilities. You can even change the character to a racoon. Make sure to get as many fish bones as possible, the upgrades are waiting!

Process of Composition

I composed three songs to go with the game. I took inspiration by  playing the game and seeing what I wanted to portray with the music. I wanted a feel good, up-beat song. I composed my song to have drive and groove so the player would feel the need to keep going.

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The tracks were intergrated through Unity's audio engine. I wanted there to be a different song that would play for each run.

I wrote a script in Unity so that it would play a different song each time you played the game. This is so the player won't lose interest in the music as it will change every run.

Experience for yourself

Download this game.


Average playthrough length: 15 minutes

Support systems: PC - Windows 7 and above, Mac OSX 10.13.6 or above

Works with Headphones and Speakers

 Please be aware this is a prototype build, which may not work efficiently on all systems.

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