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Understanding the game

Help John Lemon escape his haunted jaunt by avoiding ghosts and gargoyles. Make sure you choose the right path to get out or you will be caught by the ghosts. Watch out for the gargoyles as they will be lurking around corners trying to catch you out. Try and figure out how to get past all the obstacles to escape.

Process of Composition

I composed the loop with many different instruments. I used high strings in a certain way to evoke the horror into the game. I also used a low cello and bass with long sustained notes to convey suspense. In the loop there is a section where all the instruments play staccato. This is to keep the player on edge as they could be caught by the enemies at any point.

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This loop was implemented through Unity's audio engine. It was set to continuously loop throughout the menu and the level. The tracks also had an audio listener component attached which was routed to the audio mixer.

Experience for yourself

Download this game.


Average playthrough length: 2 minutes

Support systems: PC - Windows 7 and above, Mac OSX 10.13.6 or above

Works with Headphones and Speakers

 Please be aware this is a prototype build, which may not work efficiently on all systems.