Vehicle Game 2.png
Understanding the game

Race around the desert rally track. Score the fastest time physically possible. Race through the desert with pyramids next to you and a vast open land with a rally track! Let loose and drift around the tight corners to trim your time down. Take shortcuts and hidden paths to see how to reduce your lap time. You can even try tricks and flips for fun!

Process of Composition

I took inspiration from other driving games such as Rocket League, which has electronic dance music to listen to whilst driving in order to simulate a radio playing whilst the vehicle is being driven. When I exported the track, I made sure it would work when it looped.


This track was implemented through Unreal Engines audio engine. In Unreal Engines audio editor I created an envelope that enabled the countdown to still be heard before the music started to play. The track was set to continuously loop during gameplay.

Experience for yourself

Download this game.


Average playthrough length: 4 minutes

Support systems: PC - Windows 7 and above, Mac OSX 10.13.6 or above

Works with Headphones and Speakers

 Please be aware this is a prototype build, which may not work efficiently on all systems.