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Contained in this website are 12 games I have composed music for. As you have hopefully seen from my trailer on the home page, it varies in genre from Adventure and Action to Strategy and many more. Diversity is key in the games industry as there are so many genres of games to play. I pride myself in the collection of games that I have compiled to showcase my skills as a game audio designer.

I have spilt the games into genres to further explain.

There are 2 strategy games I have composed music for - both are tower defence games. However, they are contrasting in musical style. One requires electronic synth music as it is spaceships and technologically advanced tanks. The other is more traditional and requires a much more classical approach with the use of strings and percussion.


See Tower Defence and Strategy Game for more information


See UE FPS, UE Platformer and Dungeon Arena for more information

Most of the games I have composed the music for have been action. UE Platformer needed driving rhythms to convey emergency as the player was on a time limit. Whilst UE First Person Shooter required background music in order that the player could focus on the sound design to be able hear the key sounds during gameplay such as enemies approaching.

The Driving games are slightly different as they don't run the same mechanically. However, Mega City is very technologically advanced so required a spacey vibe for the exploration whilst Desert Rally Race was a time trial game needing propulsive rhythms. Both the games required replayability as these would be played multiple times to give different experiences.


See Desert Rally Race and Mega City for more information


See Trash Dash for more information

Mobile is the largest gaming market. It was crucial that I had at least one Mobile game to showcase. With Trash Dash I wanted to create high intensity electronic music that would highten the gaming experience.

Whilst Mega City and The Explorer are both Adventure games, they are very different in gameplay and the approach which I undertook. With The Explorer I made an epic orchestral soundtrack whilst with Mega City I wanted to create space ambiences for driving around a technologically advanced city so the player would be immersed in the environment.


See The Explorer and Mega City for more information

About Me

My name is Peter Fox and I am a Northern UK based Game Audio Designer. I don't remember a time without playing video games - I've been playing games since such a young age. I first fell in love with music around the age of 10. I started to learn the drums when I was 11. I had always been fascinated with technology. Once I discovered Music Production and the opportunities it creates I had found my passion. I have been studying audio for the last 6 years. Over the past few years I have been studying and practicing game audio. I wanted to combine my two passions - video games and music. I started writing music for video game trailers and as I progressed, I learnt how implementation works and how to utilise it. This means that I have an in-depth understanding of a great sounding game.


Please don't hesitate to ask me anything.